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Dear Alumni from the Ecole suprieure Robertde Sorbon

You come from  151+ Countries & Territories

We are proud of you, as your are of your Alma Mater.

This is your page, please communicate keep up updated on your professional developments. For privacy reasons we have cited only few alumni with their initials and a brief description of their accomplishments. If you want to be added to this page please send us a message 

Do not forget that your contributions to scholarships are always welcomed. 

Some of our students/alumni.
France: DB  TV Journalist, Civil servants at high level, University professors,
USA: RD Prominent industrialist in the pharmaceutical industry. AM Priest, EL University professor.
UK: A member of the House of Lord QC.
Singapore: SWG a talented musician
UAE: NF a prominent communication expert of the Gulf.
Ghana: Officer at the University of Ghana

Greece: J.D. a published psychologist.
Belgium: An published historian
Asia: A country representative at the UNESCO

All countries:

  • Afghanistan Abu Dhabi (UAE)  Algeria Angola Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan
  • Bangladesh  Barhein Belgium Benin Bolivia Bosnia Herzegovina Botswana  Burkina-Fasso British West Indies Brazil Brunei  Bulgaria Bahamas Belarus
  • Canada (2 languages)  Cambodia  Cameroon China Colombia Cuba (refugee) Cyprus Chile Cayman Islands Croatia Czech Republic Congo (Brazzaville) Congo (Kinshasa) Chad Central African Republic (RCA)
  • Dominican Republic Dubai (UAE) Djibouti
  • Egypt Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia
  • France Polynesia French West Indies-Antilles (4), Finland, Fujairha (UAE)
  • Gabon Germany Greece Guatemala Guyana Guinea-Bissau Guine Guyane Franaise  Ghana
  • Haiti Hong Kong Hungary Honduras
  • Indonesia India Iran Ireland Israel Italy Iraq Ivory Coast
  • Japan Jamaica Jordan
  • Kazakhstan Kuwait Kenya Korea (south)
  • Laos Lebanon Lesotho Lybia
  • Madagascar Mali Malta Mexico Morocco Macedonia (FYROM) Mozambique Malaysia Mauritania Mauritius/Ile Maurice Ile de Mayotte  Malawi
  • Nepal Netherlands Nigeria New Zealand Niger Northern Ireland (UK) Norway New Caledonia (Fr) Namibia
  • Oman
  • Pakistan Palestine Panama  Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico
  • Quebec (Canada), Qatar
  • Romania Russia Runion (France)  Island Rwanda
  • Serbia Saipan Saudi Arabia Senegal Seychelles Singapore Sudan Syria Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland South Africa Sweden Sierra Leone St. Pierre & Miquelon, St Kitt & Nevis, St. Lucia Somalia
  • Tanzania Thailand Togo Tunisia Turkey Trinidad & Tobago Taiwan (ROC)
  • UAE UK USA (including APO) Uganda
  • Viet Nam Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe
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