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Boutique of the Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon® (not for profit)

Formal Gowns, Caps, Tassels and Hoods

made to last a lifetime Only for graduates

Bachelors Shiny Cap Gown Tassel & Hood
(measure suit)

100€ only
(+S&H Worldwide 30€)
Size /Taille

Master's Cap, Gown, Tassel & Hood
(measure suit)

150€ only (+ Worldwide  S&H 30€)
Size /Taille

Doctorate Gown, Hood & Tams
(measure suit)

300€  (+ Worldwide S&H 30 € )
Size /Taille

You are proud of your researches  accomplihments and degree at the Ecole Supérieure  Robert de Sorbon. In buying at "La Boutique" you will support your "Alma Mater" . This  esprit de corps"will benefit you as well as your institution.

It's why we developed for you La Boutique R. de Sorbon, which is more in tune with our times that the above 1950 Parisian picture!  You will have an elegant way to show your academic successes.

We have La Casquette (Golf Cap ), The tapis de souris (mousepad) and the traditional "Tee-Shirt" (maillot de corps). .

Order now !

La Casquette Robert de Sorbon (blue)

 cap de
One size fits all :
€20 (S&H included)

Mouse Pad/
                                  Tapis de Souris  The Window Sticker (Car, House) 12.4 cm x12.5cm (4.9 in x 4.90 in) 29€ (s&h Incl)

Mouse Pad  Robert de Sorbon

Tapis de Souris
                          Robert de Sorbon 
 €25 (S&H included)

Mouse Pad/
                                    Tapis de Souris de Sorbon T shirt White or Black  Background
T Shirt de
 €25 + 10€ S&H please precise the size

Please visit us regularly to see your new Robert de Sorbon items.

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