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From the Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon®, a French registered "Etablissement d'Enseignement Supérieur Privé sans but lucratif " (Private not for profit Institution of Higher Education) that started international VAE in 2004.The institution is regulated by Title III Book VII of the Code of Education of the French Republic. It is not a private institution  and it does not grant "Titres et Grades Universitaires".

Since 2002, France adopted the milestone Law (# 20273) of "la Validation des Acquis par l'Expérience (VAE)" that authorizes universities to grant full university degrees on Work/Life experience. The VAE is not a degree, but a process that validates the issuance of regular French Higher Education degrees, based on valuable professional experience. Private institutions may apply it according to their own criteria. See the UNESCO research about the VAE

We use our own VAE procedure to validate work experience in the following faculties: Arts & Sciences, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Business & Economics, Engineering, Human Resources, Education, Law ,Public Policy, Marine & Aerospace Studies, Sports, Theology,Military Science etc. Our degrees are: Bachelor (UNESCO-ISCED level 6, 180 ECTS credits ), MBA, M.Sc., M.A., LL.M (UNESCO-ISCED level 7, 120 ECTS credits), EDBA, Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy (UNESCO-ISCED level 8). You may obtain through the VAE also a post doctoral degree. We follow the European "Bologna Declaration" (3/5/8) ECTS system.

For each VAE, our  "VAE Jury" is made of three or more highly qualified tenured professors. There is no need to come to France as we use the latest technologies.  

Here is our VAE process (Rolling Admission all year long)
  • Fill  the Application file & pay the Refundable* Application (Euros 50€) in our application page for admission into the institution. (* in case of non admission).
  • Within 21 days, your candidacy will be accepted or denied. If accepted, you  will have to pay our VAE Jury   Fees of  550€ through our application page.
  •  The "Work Experience Jury" (VAE) will convene and examine your file and documents. Within 60 days, it will deliberate and give its decision. Jury members may ask you by E-mail or precision or additional documents or schedule interview through electronic means (skype, whatsapp, etc.). If granted, the institution will establish a Degree in French and a UNESCO-ISCED diploma supplement in English Due to the numerous postal problems the documents will be sent by registered post.
(FYI  Euro today's exchange rate)

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A "bona fide" diploma increases your social status, and is often mandatory for US immigration, licensing, education position, government-state jobs, promotions, etc. A real professional experience, at an adequate level, is more instructive than theorical studies. Albert Einstein wrote:" The only source of knowledge is experience"   

Following its equivalence rules for work experience,l'Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon® may bestow upon degrees at undergraduate & graduate levels, in most fields of studies. We apply the well known "3 to 1 rule". i.e. 3 years of qualified work experience may be equivalent to one year of academic studies.This equivalency is also adopted by the USCIS.

Our degrees obtained through our VAE procedure, are granted by the jury of the Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon®. Those degrees are covered by the Lisbon Convention on Recognition (see art IV 8 that includes the VAE) signed by 57 countries. Our degrees are also  recognized by many US Credential Evaluators for Immigration, Job Search, Licensing and University admissions.

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About  French Degrees
The French Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon®  is authorized to bestow degrees (Certificats d'Enseignement Supérieur Privé) as per L 731-14 of the code de l'Education de la République Française. It may be recognized by many independent US Credential evaluators as a foreign diploma equivalent to a regionally accredited degree of the USA. Among them: Credential, CCI (Member of: NAFSA & EAIE),  & one of the largest US evaluation firm  AUAP Credential Evaluation Service (member American Evaluation Association),etc. If needed you may get at an extra cost a governmental Apostille.

Since November 8, 2013, French authorities granted the trademark ®  Ecole supérieure Robert de Sorbon® to our institution.

About our Faculty
De Sorbon® VAE juries are made of University Rectors, Head of departments, magistrate and University professors that hold Ph.D. degrees from Universities like Princeton & Yale in the USA, Université de Paris II,  Paris III  Paris V, Paris VI , Paris VII & Paris X  in France.

Some Alumni Testimonies

Please read what Henry from the USA wrote to us in 2008 ."I am very pleased to inform you that I have assumed a teaching appointment at a US accredited Institution of  Higher Education. I earned my M.Sc. degree from De Sorbon last year. The college has recognized my degree.  The diploma is displayed in my office, and I'm very proud of it. I share and dedicate this success to all of you. Thank you once again for the great opportunity and support that you have given me to earn my". 

On Oct 31, 2009 G.M. from the Middle East wrote to us: " Thank you very much for the original degree certificate and I was able to get the attestation from the  embassy a couple of weeks ago".

On Dec. 14 2009  G.P from the Middle East send us this message:"Today I got my original degree certificate and diploma supplement legalized by the French embassy. They stamped it. Thanks to Robert vde Sorbon. Also I was elected  to the IET Local network committee as the publicity officer"

More recently

Does Robert de Sorbon® deny admissions to applicants?
Yes, as we are a competitive private French institution of higher education, which follows strict rules. We do not accept a simple C.V. as a valid proof of qualifying experience. Everything should be documented. It is why we ask for a refundable application fee. As our VAE based degrees are based on experience, mastering the French language is not required as we allow also applications in English/ Italian and Spanish. We have a rolling admission for the VAE procedure.

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The Robert de Sorbon® students come from 155+ Countries & Territories


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