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  Here are the official texts. Some have to be kept in French for legal reasons.

  • About Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon®, which may grant French degrees on work experience.

Not for profit French (Loi de 1901) private institution of higher education organization according to the articles L731-1 to 17 of the code de l'éducation. It is registered  under the  # 0862003720 as a an "établissement d'enseignement supérieur privé" and authorized to grant degrees under article L-731-14, with publication in the Journal Officiel de la République Française under  #20040039-1669.  It has the SIREN # 478 817 059 and has a TVA (VSAT tax) exemption as per article 44-2 CGI as a French Private Institution of Higher Education. Please look at the document written by the French authorities.

French authorities granted the ® "Marque de Service" to our institution from November 8, 2013.

Our degrees are french "Diplômes d'enseignement supérieur privé" not "Titres ou Grades Universitaires".

  • About VAE Law (Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience)

Read the legal text creating the VAE that authorizes public universities to grant regular French degrees based on work/life experience: Download the text in pdf
Private French  institutions may apply this procedure.

Several legal texts organize and validate the VAE (Validation des Acquits de l'Experience) in French Public Higher Education :
 -The décret du 23 aout 1985 modified  by
 -The Law of  17 Janvier 2002 et its "décret d'application" of April 24, 2002
- Article L613-3 to 6 of the French Code of Education

Here is the important article L-355 of the French code de l'éducation, stating that a VAE procedure \ is equivalent to any "regular" procedure. The degree carries exactly the same name, the VAE is only a procedure to obtain it.

Art L 355 I "La validation des acquis produit les mêmes effets que les autres modes de contrôle des connaissances et aptitudes. Peuvent ètre prises en compte, au titre de la validation, l'ensemble des compétences professionnelles acquises dans l'exercice d'une activité salariée, non salariée ou bénévole, en rapport direct avec le contenu du diplôme ou du titre. La durée minimale d'activité requise ne peut ètre inférieure à trois ans."

  • International recognition
European  & Mediterranean Countries: The Lisbon Convention on Recognition on its article IV.8 recognises the VAE.  This convention was ratified by 45 states member of the European council plus Australia, Belarus, Vatican, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyztan and New Zealand.

USA and Canada: Our degrees for Immigration, Licensing or Immigration are validated by major "credential evaluators".

Other countries: We can provide for a 100€ fee an Apostille certification for the participants of the Hague Convention. For other countries you can ask the French embassy or your embassy in France for legalization. We will provide all support and confirmation.

French Speaking African Countries and Lebanon: Automatic as they follow the French system.

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