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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Accredited?

    The Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon® is a legal French Private Institution of Higher Education following the “Code de l’Education de la République Française”. It has the right to grant degrees as per article L-731-14 of the French code of… Read More »Are you Accredited?

    Do you have a .education domain name?

      Yes ICANN granted us the domain. Being a French institution of Higher Education, we are proud that the French authorities (AFNIC) granted us the prestigious domain in 2004.

      Could I get a de Sorbon Gown when I graduate?

        Yes you can. Contrary to other French universities, de Sorbon rehabilitates the formal and traditional University gowns, called “Toges”. You may order it after graduation at the Sorbon boutique.

        Can I get my degree tomorrow?

          No (non!) We are not a “Diploma Mill” and we follow a regulated evaluation procedure, which takes up to 3 months.